What to invest small money in

How to earn 1000 USD extra per month?

How to earn an extra USD 1,000 a month? Suppose you work 40 hours a week, 5 days a week, and Friday and Saturday and evenings you have free time. Is there any possibility to earn extra money? Of course I do, and I think I know a few ways.

In my opinion, there are two basic types of earning: one in which we provide some services, and the other when we sell something. To sell, however, you need money for investment, i.e. for buying goods.

What to invest in little money

As for the provision of services in which you do not need to have special qualifications and can do it at home, in front of a computer I would include writing articles on order, leaving comments on commission forums, filling in some databases with content, etc.

Such orders can be found on the internet on various job or job portals. Instead of writing, you can also look for other orders, such as painting, making a project, etc. You can also try to sell your handicrafts, the easiest way is on an allegro, where there are many buyers.

How much can you earn on a well-written text about 2000 characters, or 300 words? Usually it will be at least USD 5-10. There is also a demand for texts of lower quality, but their price is also lower, e.g. USD 3 for the same number of words. It is worth looking around what is selling on so-called stock exchanges to know what pays to write about.

Unfortunately, the most frequently bought texts are in topics that are not among the most interesting, e.g. finance, loans, deposits, weight loss supplements, etc. Orders for texts or leaving comments on forums or blogs are probably the easiest way to get extra money.

However, try to take money for the order in advance so as not to cut yourself into a dishonest person. Don’t be fooled by the so-called job offers at home, e.g. folding pens, because it is an evident scam. It only aims to get money from an unconscious person.

Who giving a job asks for some payment first?

What if you do not want to provide services because you do not have such capabilities? You can then sell. However, you need some money to start. Everything is about buying cheaper and selling more expensive. The easiest way to get an extra USD 1000 in this way is by buying and selling designer clothes or electronics. How it’s working? People often sell many things without being aware of their true value.

If you can buy cheap something worth 50 USD for example, maybe you can sell it for 200 USD if it is really worth it. However, you need to present your offer in a more professional way, i.e. write a descriptive description and add some good, clear pictures of the item. In principle, the photos are the most important here, and many “Sunday” sellers are not aware of this.

For this reason, fewer people bid for smaller amounts in their auctions. In this way, you can earn at least USD 100 on one item. When you find 10 different items, you will naturally get an additional USD 1,000 a month at a relatively low cost. The disadvantage of this method is having some knowledge about the value of the items you will sell. It can be assumed that all designer clothes and equipment are sought after and bought by many people, so among them you should look for opportunities.

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