A look inside a four-story townhouse with an elevator in Portland

Apartments in Portland, Maine

I may not live inside Portland, but I have been frequenting the city daily and have been for years. I wobble through the cobblestones and travel the western and eastern ends of town looking at apartments and condos wondering what they look like on the inside.

What is life in a Portland apartment like? How nice do they get? How are the views? Are they spacious or crowded? I know they obviously differ, but as an extremely curious person, I’m always dying to peek inside.

Four-story townhouse for sale in East End of Portland, Maine

Luckily for me and curious cats like me, we get a glimpse and taste of life inside real estate that we can’t afford when it comes up for sale online. A four-storey townhouse has just been built for sale on by Lindsay Macdonald with Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty and I have been able to live vicariously through anyone who can afford a $1.29 million apartment in Portland.

Sitting at 44 Federal Street Unit D in Portland, the four-story townhouse is located on the east end of Portland, within walking distance of hundreds of restaurants, numerous bars, theaters, shops, ferries, the ocean, and more.

Beautiful views can be enjoyed from every floor of the townhouse with giant windows bringing in natural light and a deck outside on every floor, each with its own grill. A private elevator takes you between floors in your brick townhouse filled with modern conveniences, a chef’s kitchen, gas fireplace, plenty of decks, a garden of perennials, and plenty to brag about.

In addition, the space includes a large laundry room, plenty of storage and an attached garage with direct access to the house. In Portland?! No wonder it costs just over a million… Want to take a peek inside? Check for yourself:

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We walk beside them every day, but what’s inside?

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