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Amy Schumer still hasn’t sold her $15 million Manhattan penthouse, but she’s reportedly the proud owner of an $11 million townhouse, per Dirt. Like she promised the wall street journal, she’s headed for Brooklyn. “If you leave this borough, which borough do people usually move to? It’s not rocket science,” she explained. In her new borough, the actress will enjoy a 5,568-square-foot residence with up to five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms on a property that’s not only historic, but also has Hollywood history.

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The townhouse was built in 1829, but in 1987 the Oscar-winning film, Dreamer, with Cher was filmed here. It probably wasn’t the connection to the entertainment industry that drew Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer to this location, it was probably the family community that was the big draw. The house has four stories, plus a finished basement and numerous fireplaces to add to the ambiance and charm of the property. Even with those nice touches, the Brooklyn residence also has top-notch amenities in a city where space is at a premium.

The couple will be able to keep a car on site as they have a closed parking space. The master suite has its own floor with a dressing room, two offices and a superb bathroom with a truly unique shower. With a gym, laundry room, and library adding to the appeal of the fully renovated home, we don’t blame Schumer for seeking a more suburban life in the Big Apple. Don’t miss the pretty kitchen – and be sure to see more photos of the property at Dirt.

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