Ancaster’s Wilson Street to get another townhouse development

A Valeri Homes condominium development is planned at 154 Wilson St. E.

Hamilton councilors have agreed to another residential development along Wilson Street East in Ancaster.

T.Valeri Construction Ltd. submitted a rezoning application for 10 three-storey townhouse structures, to be located on a private condominium road at 154 Wilson St. E., on the south side of Wilson, between Halson Street and Cameron Drive. There will be two parking spaces for each of the 28 units. The proposed development is located where established single family homes are already located.

The original plan was to build a four-story apartment building totaling 32 units, with 45 parking spaces on a 0.35 hectare property backing onto the Hamilton Golf and Country Club. But Ancaster County. Lloyd Ferguson, who backed the final proposal, praised Valeri Construction for “listening” to his concerns and changing the design of the project.

“The organization came up with five-story condos that covered the whole lot,” Ferguson said, during the Aug. 9 planning committee. “We were getting a lot of pushback on that. (They) agreed to change it to three floors. I appreciate it enormously.”

Councilors approved the request at their August 12 meeting.

Matt Johnston, director of Urban Solutions representing T. Valeri Construction, said that since the process began in 2018, the developer has taken a “positive step” in coming up with a project the neighborhood can accept. He said the development will also include various energy-saving features, including electric charging stations and environmental windows.

Bob Maton, who lives in the Maywood ward and is also a candidate for Ward 12 councilor, said the development could be the start of a “new vision” for Ancaster. “It’s important not to undermine Ancaster’s sense of community,” he said.

Maton, who resigned as chairman of the Ancaster Village Heritage Community group during the municipal race, said the land was “difficult” to develop because it is long and narrow.

Still, Maton had a series of “concerns” about the project, including the building’s 12.6-meter height, which exceeds the 10.5-meter height limit of the Wilson Street Secondary Plan. He said the townhouses “do not conform” to the secondary plan. Maton asked the planning committee to require the developer to reduce the height of the first townhouses that face Wilson Street, then allow the rest of the buildings to rise 12.6 meters towards the rear of the property.

“It will be a major imposition on Wilson Street,” Maton said.

The committee did not address the height or the architectural issues raised by Maton. But he agreed to two amendments to the project, including: identifying to potential buyers morning noise from a maintenance building on Hamilton Golf and Country Club property, and requiring the developer to install a concrete area on the ground to that residents can place their waste containers for pick-up.

Johnson said any issues with an area for residents to place their waste containers can be dealt with during the site plan committee phase.

STORY BEHIND THE STORY: We wanted to follow the progress of this development app and find out if there were any concerns from the community.

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