Approval of a 21-unit condominium development for Elliott Street West

The Huntsville Planning Committee has approved an easement and site plan application for the construction of 21 townhouses on lands including 48 West Elliott Street and 169 Main Street West.

The three-block condominium development would be accessed from a private road off West Elliott Street.

The easement approved by the Committee through a Consent Request would grant the easement of a parcel of land measuring 204m² and 6m wide at 169 Main Street West, in favor of land at 48 Main Street Elliot West to facilitate connection to storm and sanitary sewers.

The land is landscaped with parking and a pole barn for covered storage of vehicles and has an area of ​​approximately 7,131m² and 40m of frontage on Main Street West, according to the planning report prepared by the staff of the Huntsville Planning Committee on April 13.

In 2016, “a zoning by-law amendment was approved to facilitate this development (By-law 2016-45). A draft subdivision plan (file S2015-7) has also been approved, as well as a description of co-ownership in common elements (file C2015-6),” the report adds.

“As you can see from the landscape plan, there is a robust planting program and a community park,” Huntsville Planning Services Director Richard Clark told the committee.

Staff recommended approval of the updated planning requests with the following conditions:

  • Some minor modifications to the site plan drawing may be required to ensure consistency between the information provided throughout the plans and to address final review comments.
  • Revise the plans to show the height measurements taken from the average finished level per unit to the appropriate point in the roof.
  • According to the district, water services must be extended to a water meter in an enclosed, heated utility room with an exterior entrance. Plans should be revised accordingly to meet this requirement. The district also requested that an easement be registered on title to provide sanitary and storm sewer services to the lands between the subject property and Muskoka Road 3 (Main Street West).
  • The provision of an easement and an overland weir to evacuate stormwater from the site.
  • That the agreement contain clauses relating to the owner’s obligations for the winter maintenance needs of West Road as well as concerning the storage of snow on the property by the City.
  • That the applicant provide detailed designs for private road elevations to ensure that the proposed grade can accommodate emergency vehicle access.
  • For the applicant to provide cost estimates for the implementation of the work associated with the final landscape, civil and lighting plans should be prepared and submitted to assist in finalizing a site plan agreement.

Lanny Dennis, planning consultant for the claimant, said his client had no problem complying with the terms.

“The owners will continue to work with the city and district to address their feedback and certainly their interest in continuing with this project – another infill project to help address the housing gap,” he said.

“You can see from the elevations that the idea was to build the buildings to the lay of the land to avoid significant blasting. It’s a small site and I think they’ve done a good job of delivering a product that’s ‘fits the site,’ Dennis said, adding that the landscaping and lighting plans have been revised, ‘all to show internal connectivity and connectivity throughout’.

The planning committee unanimously approved the applications without further comment. Their recommendation will be forwarded to Huntsville Council for ratification.

You can find the full staff report here (pdf).

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