Ask a RenoMark Renovator: Want to maximize your condo space? Here’s what to think about when renovating

Jack Torossian is the owner and founder of Golden Bee Homes, a fully licensed, registered and insured Toronto home design and construction company.
  • A condo renovation completed by Golden Bee Homes.

Many co-owners are looking to make the most of their small spaces and find layout solutions that suit their lifestyle.

Before beginning the renovation process, it is important to understand that renovating a condominium is very different from renovating a house.

A fully licensed and insured renovator who is a member of a program like RenoMark and specializes in condominium renovations can offer creative solutions to make your space fit your lifestyle, while giving you peace of mind to ensure that the job will be well done.

Early in the design process, it’s important to consider your lifestyle. Do you have pets, small children, do you like to entertain? In small spaces, these aspects are amplified, as every design detail must make the most of the available space and serve a purpose.

An experienced condominium remodeler will know how to incorporate your lifestyle into the design and make your space work for you. As with any renovation, you should have a clear idea of ​​your budget so your builder can advise you on what is realistic. We may be able to provide you with alternative solutions to your wants or needs that will help you stay within your budget.

In a condominium, before starting work, you must obtain authorization from your building manager and familiarize yourself with the construction rules. Understanding and communicating these rules to your remodeling contractor will help them develop a more accurate budget. Things like parking access, building construction hours, and elevator access are also critical for you and your builder to understand, as they can affect project duration and cost.

An experienced renovator will consider your building code, as every condominium is different. Their team will need to build a good relationship with building management, as they will likely interact with them regularly throughout the project. It is important for clients to understand that their renovator is working within the existing building envelope – and that plumbing, electrical, HVAC and any issues they may have will need to be considered.

To help you make the most of your space, we can implement design solutions such as barn or pocket doors, built-ins and cabinets that extend the kitchen into the living room, under-stair storage and the removal of suspended ceilings, to name a few. some. Making your condominium bigger and making it work for your lifestyle rather than against it is the ultimate goal.

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Jack Torossian is the owner and founder of Golden Bee Homes, a fully licensed, registered and insured Toronto home design and construction company. Please send your thoughts or questions to [email protected]

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