Burglar terrorizes North Side condominium community, residents say

Roland Gonzales said locals are banding together to arrest the man and have him arrested.

SAN ANTONIO — A couple living in Lafayette Place believe a burglar is targeting their condominium community near the medical center.

Roland Gonzales and his wife said it started on June 17. The couple believe the man robbed their apartment and ransacked the residence while they were away.

In addition to the damage to their front door, Gonzales said money, jewelry and a gun were stolen from their home. KENS 5 has confirmed that an incident report has been filed with the San Antonio police.

“We fear for our lives now,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales installed a Ring doorbell after the break-in. He said they had filmed the same man twice in the building since the incident in June.

Flyers with his face are all over the community in homes and on doorways.

The couple said other people at the resort reported a man breaking into their home in July. The latest burglary took place on Sunday at a neighbor’s house. The resident was unavailable for an interview, but shared his personal video with us.

It shows a man entering the condo, walking towards the kitchen and back into the living room. Moments later, a knife becomes visible on camera and the sound of ripping fabric becomes clear as the man rips the cushions off the couch in the house.

“The community feels like they’re being stalked and that’s a very unpleasant feeling,” Gonzales said.

KENS 5 contacted the Lafayette Place Homeowners Association. Over the phone, board member Kathy Beer said she was taking steps to increase safety and security.

Beer said the HOA recently hired an armed officer to patrol the compound each night. She added that the council had purchased dozens of security cameras which will soon be installed.

The neighborhood is also on a site called TownSq, which allows residents to communicate with each other online.

Gonzales said he felt better knowing the HOA was working on solutions to keep residents safe.

In a statement, SAPD said there was no update on this incident.

SAPD Property Crime Detectives are aware of cases in the area and work diligently and tirelessly to solve these cases. We encourage anyone with information to call the Prue Property Crimes Unit at 210-207-8326.

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