Calgary Council Approves New Parking Permit for Apartment and Condo Residents

Calgarians who live in multi-unit buildings will soon have access to new permits allowing them to park on the street near their homes.

Residential Parking Zone Passes, which must be purchased, allow homeowners to park their vehicle in designated street parking spaces within 150 yards of the home in areas with high parking congestion.

Permits will be available to Calgarians who live in multi-residential buildings with more than 20 units as well as those with at least four stories.

Residents of these building types have been declared ineligible for the current version of residential parking permits following policy changes approved by council in January 2021.

City officials say the proposed price for the new permits is similar to the cost of off-street parking options and a subsidized rate is being considered for low-income Calgarians.

“We want to encourage off-street parking as the first choice for residents living in residential parking areas,” Chris Blachuk, acting chief executive of the Calgary Parking Authority, said in a statement. “And at the same time, we recognize that there are unique circumstances. Residents living in large multi-unit buildings may have specific parking needs that cannot otherwise be met off-street.

“The introduction of the Market Permit will provide an option for these residents.”

The Council approved the new permits on September 13 and the program is expected to be rolled out by the end of the year.

For more details, visit City of Calgary – Residential Parking Zones.

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