Cape Carteret Planning Board Discusses Townhouse Ordinance, Takes No Action | News

CAPE CARTERET – The planning board had a lengthy discussion on Tuesday night about amending the Unified Development Ordinance to set standards and zoning districts for townhouses, but concluded without a recommendation to city commissioners.

The meeting was held at the town hall and online via GoToMeeting.

City Manager Zach Steffey said those wishing to build townhouses in Cape Carteret currently have to go through the time-consuming special-use permit process and suggested that a specific section of the UDO would simplify the process and simultaneously establish standards for the development of residential units.

He provided council with copies of the Cedar Point UDO section on townhouses as a starting point for discussion.

There was some feeling among council members that it shouldn’t be any easier to build townhouses in Cedar Point, a small town that is mostly home to traditional single-family homes instead of multi-family apartments and condominiums.

Board chair Susan Hall said the members, and ultimately the municipal commissioners, must “determine what is appropriate for the future of Cape Carteret.”

But Mr Steffey said there had been inquiries into townhouse construction, and ‘it might be better to put something in place’.

Board member Mike King wondered how to proceed when managers don’t know the sites. Each potential site may require different standards.

Ms Hall said one of her concerns was size and she didn’t want to see anything in the city taller than three stories.

Mr King said he thinks there are “places in the city where multi-family residential uses would be a good fit”, but the city needs to consider individual properties when making decisions.

“You can’t write a UDO to address all the properties in town,” Mr. Steffey replied.

In the end, the board decided to continue the discussion at a future meeting and review the ordinances from cities other than Cedar Point.

“It might take several meetings, maybe three or four,” King said.

“All it takes to get it right,” Ms Hall said.

In other business during the meeting, the board unanimously elected Ms. Hall as chair for another year. There were no other nominations for the post.

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