City Council Review Accelerates Proposed Apartment Project | New

Palo Alto residents need not look far to see the potential of the San Antonio Path.

The strip that separates Palo Alto from Mountain View completely embodies the latest development developments of the 2 cities. On the Mountain View side, San Antonio has become one of the city’s main development areas as the city approves a particular plan that guides the development of numerous residences, offices, shops, restaurants and cinemas in the space around it. ‘El Camino Actual. .

There remains an eclectic but generally low-density mix of economic and residential uses in Palo Alto on the east end of San Antonio, with the latest additions including two new lodges near Middlefield Street. The city also plans to build advanced transit housing at a city-owned website at 1237 San Antonio Street near the Baylands.

On Monday evening, the Palo Alto City Council gave its strongest indications of a desire to see more housing development on this space. After reviewing a 75-condominium improvement project at 800 San Antonio Street, council members generally agreed that the mission should move forward. It made little difference that the event was longer and was built at a better density than city code sometimes allowed.

Yorke Lee’s proposal calls for a five-story, 60-foot-tall building that exceeds the city’s maximum limit by 10 feet. Housing density can be 86 units per acre and can greatly exceed the 30 units allowed under typical zoning.

The event is the city’s newest proposal for “deliberate residential zoning”, a municipal designation launched two years ago to encourage the construction of new housing. It allows builders to circumvent zoning laws and gives city officials a great deal of discretion to review proposals and request changes. In many cases, builders chose not to pursue their initiatives after receiving unfavorable or combined suggestions from the council through the non-binding qualifying classes. Only one assignment, a Smith Improvement proposal for an advanced 70 apartment at 660 College Ave., progressed with an official utility.

A number of council members inspired Lee on Monday to continue the mission.

“Peak doesn’t bother me,” Councilman Eric Filseth said. “The city shouldn’t be monolithic, and if we want some places in the city to be bigger than others, I think that’s one of the best candidates for a place where it makes sense to really focus about adding some depth here. ”

Advisor Tom DuBois was very cautious, noting that roofing equipment could add another 15 toes to the mission, bringing the overall peak to 75 toes. He urged the developer to consider limiting the overall peak to 65 toes.

DuBois also urged Lee to seek the inclusion of downstairs retail in the mission. The residential complex will replace two commercial uses: the Physique Kneads Day Spa and the Sequoia Academy, which offers classes and test preparation programs.

“I know it probably impacted the mission, but doing something to activate the road and provide services to residents could be a big payoff,” DuBois said. Mentioned.

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