Condominium guards assault a teenager seeking to enter the pre-Diwali festival in Gurugram


At least 15 private security guards at a condominium have been convicted of allegedly slapping and beating a teenager after he tried to enter Sector 49 township to attend a pre-Diwali party on Saturday night, a report said. police announced on Monday.

Police said the 15-year-old boy resided in another condominium in Gwal Pahadi and had visited the Orchid Petals Society to attend cultural events. Police said the suspects have not yet been arrested.

According to the police, the boy with four or five friends had just entered the company when some guards stopped them and one of them allegedly slapped the boy, following which his friends ran away.

The boy’s mother went to police on Sunday and filed a complaint in which an FIR against 15 unidentified guards and several others under Articles 147 (riot), 148 (riot, armed with a weapon s. Sector 50 police station, they said.

The mother alleged that her son and a few other friends had gone to the township to watch the festivities there, but were stopped by Orchid Petals Society guards.

“My son asked them to let him in because they had all been waiting at the entrance for a long time; that’s when one of the guards slapped him,” she told FIR.

She also alleged that the guards abused her and that later several other guards and unidentified people beat her son with sticks.

Parveen Kukreja, president of the Orchid Petals Residents Welfare Association, said the pre-Diwali festival is held every year.

“Only our residents are allowed because this is an exclusively internal matter. However, crowds of teenagers and men in their early twenties gather at the entrance to watch the programs every year,” he said.

Kukreja said the RWA generally does not allow foreigners, considering the safety of residents.

“The guards are always on alert. Even on Saturday, a crowd of 50 to 60 young men gathered at the entrance. But the guards arrested everyone, then an altercation broke out. Two of our guards were brutalized in the fight. The crowd dispersed after a while,” he said.

Sanjeev Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Sadar), said five to six guards rounded up the teenagers who had entered the premises and slapped one of them. “We have no information that a crowd had gathered at the entrance to the township,” he said.

The ACP said the investigation was ongoing but no one had yet been arrested.

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