Condominium members file lawsuit over sewage leak on LHH Road


Condominium members file lawsuit over sewage leak on LHH Road

Mangaluru: Ever since the construction of the new Light House Hill Road began a few years ago by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL), there have been endless problems with people raising their voices about the unscientific way the project has been conducted. And to this day, they still dig down that stretch of road, every time they come up with a new plan. When parking bays were built in front of the Ladies Club which obstructed traffic, they were immediately removed after numerous complaints were posted on social media and also highlighted on

Here are some of the comments posted by the citizens of Mangaluru: “Ridiculous design! The MSCL team should be awarded the Bharat Ratna for Civil Engineering!”; “The entire design of the section of Lighthouse Hill Road is flawed. First the sidewalks from Jyothi to St. Aloysius College; then the unscientific car park near the Mangalore Ladies Club; the space allocated to the bus stop near St. Aloysius College is messy; a small garden near the bus stop is completely removed. Drinking water and sewage pipes are mixed in the storm drain line near the KK Shetty statue (opp. Central Library); and the parking spot near the left turn lane. Complete nonsense!”.

And recently a strange diversion was built near Mahila Sabha opposite Bank of Baroda on LHH Road and after the Mangalorean team and a few others highlighted the issue on social media the diversion was removed. And these kind of blunders will never end until the road is completely finished. And here we have yet another problem – The recently laid storm drain on Lighthouse Hill Road (opp. Central Library), which had the sewer line leaking and filling up, and which some members of the Lighthouse Condominium (Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya & others) had sued in the Mangalore court and obtained an injunction.

This was opened a few days ago and these are the images embedded in this report. The sewage leak continues, even after an engine has been used to pump out the sewage. It was reported when the sewer line downstairs was put back in place but failed to clean up that mess, but no one cared. It was also pointed out that the water pipe was laid in the conduit contaminated by this sewage, which was also ignored. Now the pictures show it out in the open, for everyone to see.

Members urged the relevant authorities to IMMEDIATELY extend the sewer line upwards as suggested and clear the block completely. They say, “Stop this leak. It is only after this has been done and shown to us that we proceed to lay the slabs on this rainwater collector”. This message was also sent to Deputy Commissioner DK, Commissioner MCC and Managing Director of MSCL by Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya and other members of Lighthouse Hill Road.

Watching dirty water wash up in the storm drain could lead to mosquito breeding, spreading diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Hundreds of students from nearby colleges and hostels who frequent a few fast food restaurants near this dirty drain/sewer line could be affected and fall ill with either malaria or dengue fever. MCC and MSCL authorities must act quickly and resolve this dangerous issue before anyone becomes ill or falls into the open drain/sewer line.


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