DTCP urges residents to vacate NBCC Green View condominium in Gurugram by Sunday


The Department of Land Use Planning (DTCP) said Friday that the evacuation of residents of the NBCC Green View condominium in Area 37D will be complete by Sunday evening.

Arrangements for paying rent to 70 EWS families are being worked out, DTCP officials said, adding that the deadline for completing the evacuation process as directed by the district administration was set at Friday. Authorities said they were also reviewing the matter for humanitarian reasons.

On February 16, the district administration invoked the National Disaster Management Act 2005 and declared the NBCC Green View condominium “unsafe” for residents after a structural audit by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) of Delhi last year.

Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav ordered residents of NBCC Green View to vacate the condominium by March 1, citing that the residential compound was “no longer safe to live in.” He also ordered the NBCC developer to provide alternative housing for residents until they complete repairs and pay transportation, moving and rental costs.

The NBCC Green View project was launched in 2010, and residents took possession of the apartments in 2017. The condominium has a total of 923 apartments, including 139 apartments reserved for economically weaker sections (EWS), of which 255 have already been sold . , and the registration of 177 apartments was carried out.

A total of 140 families – 100 families in EWS apartments and 40 families in other apartments – were living in the residential complex at the time the deputy commissioner declared the condominium “unsafe”. Currently, there are 70 EWS apartments and two or three other apartments that need to be vacated.

RS Bhath, District Planner (Enforcement), said: “The developer is working on how to pay advance rents to occupants of EWS flats as per our instructions. Twenty-two families from the main complex have already left, and only two to three families, who requested an extension due to health emergencies, have not yet left the condominium.

“We are in constant contact with residents and developers to ensure that residents do not encounter any problems during their move,” Bhath said.

The DTCP also issued a notice on Thursday stating that NBCC – formerly known as National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited – has not provided any relief to the occupants of the EWS apartment to date, in violation of the order of the February 16 from the Deputy Commissioner. According to the order, the developer was to provide residents with a six-month rent advance and a one-time transfer charge, regardless of who owns them.

Randhir Singh, general secretary of the NBCC Green View apartment owners association, said most of the families had left the housing complex and only those in the EWS apartments had not yet left. “We want to reiterate that owners should receive the refund as soon as possible,” he said.

A spokesman for NBCC said Thursday it would provide occupants with six months’ rent in advance and cover moving costs. “CCNB is in constant contact with residents and the district administration to evacuate occupants to a safe place,” the spokesperson said on condition of anonymity.

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