Foreigner falls from Phuket condominium in potential murder case

A foreign woman fell from the 8th floor of a condominium building in Patong, Phuket, and died in the early hours of the morning. Police are not ruling out murder because the woman was found holding a tuft of hair in her right hand. His identity and nationality have not yet been confirmed.

At 4:20 a.m. today, Patong Police Station received a report that a foreign tourist had fallen from a condominium on Phrabaramee Road, Patong Subdistrict, Kathu District.

Police, Patong Hospital staff and Kusalatham Phuket Foundation rescue workers rushed to the scene, but the woman had already died from her injuries. She was found lying face down and wearing a blue dress.

The police’s initial investigation revealed “no signs of a break-in” to the woman’s apartment. Police have reported that she may have taken her own life, but they are not ruling out murder as she was found holding a tuft of hair in her right hand. The hair will be sent to a forensic lab for DNA testing to find out who it belongs to.

Inside his apartment, police found an open bottle of alcohol, a condom wrapper, a box of cigarettes and an ashtray which will all be kept as exhibits.

Police will continue to investigate to find out the true cause of the woman’s death.

His body was taken for a thorough autopsy at Patong Hospital.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

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