Freeze new zoning applications for multi-family homes, condos and townhouses McDonough | News

McDONOUGH — The Town of McDonough has instituted a five-month moratorium on multifamily rezoning applications.

The reason, according to City Attorney Jim Elliott, is to address concerns created by multi-family housing developments, such as increased traffic and loads on city infrastructure, utilities and police and police. fire protection.

The moratorium is in effect until October 5, during which time no rezoning applications will be accepted for Multi-Family Residential Neighborhoods (RM-75), Townhouse Residential Neighborhoods (RTD) and Condominium Residential Neighborhoods (RCD). ).

Elliot explained that the weather will give city officials an opportunity to make changes to city code. Such changes could include density requirements, setbacks and limits on the number of units per project.

The plan is to discuss the changes at the board retreat in June, followed by meetings with the Director of Community Development in July. Elliot said once consensus is reached, he will bring the information to the board for approval.

Mayor Sandra Vincent stressed that while applications will not be accepted, discussions with developers will continue.

“I don’t mean we’re just going to close the door because the goal is to allow for that catch-up time,” she said. “Even if there is no app, conversations with different entities within the community will continue.”

All applications already filed with the city will go ahead.

Approval of the moratorium was unanimous.

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