Highway 26 apartment project wins committee support

The proposal includes three four-storey buildings with 187 apartments and environmentally protected land deeded to the city

A plan to bring three low-rise apartment buildings to the northwest end of Collingwood was presented to the committee this week, but even if approved by council next week it will likely have to wait until in 2025 before it is ready to move in.

Skyline Developments, the developer behind the Silver Creek Residences development slated for construction at 11403, 11453 and 11461 Highway 26, appeared before the Development and Operations Services Standing Committee on Monday, September 12 to request initial project approval and site plan approval for the first phase of their plan.

The first phase of the development would see the construction of three four-storey apartment buildings, which will contain 187 apartments which will be a mix of one, two and three bedroom units. Surface and underground parking are also part of the plan for the three buildings. A section of the southwest corner of the lot will be donated to the city as environmentally sensitive to be maintained by the city.

The address of potential future development is across the highway from Lighthouse Point.

Skyline is also requesting an exemption from the city’s Interim Control Bylaw for site maintenance, which is expected to require approximately 133 single-family dwelling units of water for the three apartment buildings.

“This is precisely the type of housing that our community needs right now, so I think I speak for all of us that we are happy to see this proposal put forward,” the councilor said. Deb Doherty.

The overall development was last presented to the board in February. At that time, a public meeting was held as the developer requested to subdivide the land into five units or phases.

Several residents of adjacent communities such as Lighthouse Point and Wyldewood were on hand at the time to express concerns about community planning, such as the need for increased speeds and traffic enforcement and concern that residents of new development enter into the existing one. communities to use their amenities.

On Monday night, the council noted that many of those concerns had been addressed with the addition of an amenity building to the plan, as well as outdoor amenity spaces.

“One of the concerns heard was that residents of this development would want to use the amenities of Lighthouse Point. I think that’s no longer an issue,” Doherty said.

As part of Monday’s application, the developer also asked to begin work on the other four phases of land on the site, which will be the future home of condominiums. The property owner has yet to apply for site plan approval for the other phases, but says he intends to do so once sufficient water service capacity becomes available. to support development.

Com. Yvonne Hamlin asked how long it would take for the three buildings to be built.

Carrie Lamarche of Skyline Developments said the first building would take about 20 months, with additional time for the amenity building.

“The total timeline (for all three buildings) takes us to 2025,” Lamarche said.

The committee voted unanimously to recommend approval and grant an exemption to the Control Settlement with the Board. Kathy Jeffery absent from the meeting. The issue will then be discussed at the September 19 board meeting.

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