J Tower 2 Condominium: The new symbol of great Japanese architecture in Phnom Penh

The 43-story, 228-unit J Tower 2 condominium is the grandest to date, standing as an eye-catching landmark in the heart of the capital and providing many households with an upscale and luxurious lifestyle.

When Tani Shunji, a Japanese property developer, arrived in Phnom Penh nine years ago, Cambodia’s capital looked a lot different than it does today. Despite years of rapid economic development, there were still a few skyscrapers while the livelihoods of the inhabitants remained moderate, without many signs of elitism or modern civilization.

However, Shunji – still a man with a clear vision – realized Phnom Penh’s potential as the next Bangkok or even Singapore.

Just last week, Shunji, now CEO of Tanichu Assetment Co., Ltd, and his team celebrated the completion of J Tower 2 Condominium in the Beung Keng Kang area of ​​Phnom Penh.

The company is already renowned for its exceptional and high quality residential designs in past projects including J-city Condominium, J-village Condominium and J Tower Condominium.

Residents of J Tower 2 Condominium will experience first-class hospitality and reception. Provided

However, the 43-story, 228-unit J Tower 2 Condominium is the grandest of them all so far, standing as an eye-catching landmark in the heart of the capital and providing many households with an upscale lifestyle. and luxurious.

According to Shunji, the construction of the J Tower 2 Condominium began in December 2019 and was completed in April 2022. The condo units, however, have already sold out in just five weeks after the announcement of the purchase of the project.

“It’s no surprise since people already know us for the high quality as well as the great comfort and luxury goods in your project,” Shunji said.

“In fact, superior quality has always been at the heart of our business. What we are selling is not only a charming and luxurious home, but also a high level of security confidence.

J Tower 2 Condominium’s breathtaking infinity pool offers swimmers panoramic views of Phnom Penh’s soaring skyline. Provided

What was surprising was that the majority of buyers were Cambodians (45-50%), although locals are generally believed to prefer houses with land, which not only have financial values ​​but also cultural.

“Years ago in Tokyo, Japan, people also preferred houses on land to an apartment or condo in a high building, but as the city progressed socially and economically, the trend has changed, especially because that it was getting harder and harder to get land there due to development,” Shuji explained.

“Affordable homes on the land today are located very far from Tokyo, meaning homeowners will have to spend a lot of time commuting to and from work, forcing many to choose to live in apartments in the city.The same trend is currently occurring in Cambodia.

Building this landscape was not without its hitches, however. As the country went through the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the worst public health crises the Kingdom has ever known, construction was sometimes interrupted, notably when a confinement was decreed in the capital and certain workers have been infected. Yet, thanks to careful and skillful management by Tanichu Assetment, the projects were completed on time and the owners are now moving in.

Based on the famous modern Japanese architectural concept, J Tower 2 Condominium was built with safety and comfort in mind.

The building was erected with the highest level of engineering technology imported from Japan, which aims to enhance protection against natural forces, including earthquakes.

Additionally, located just 5 minutes from AEON Mall, J Tower 2 Condominium offers its residents convenience with its proximity to crucial business and entertainment areas. The building itself also featured plenty of facilities that make up a true modern lifestyle, from the upscale cafe to the relaxing sky bar.

Probably the most notable part of the condominium is the integrated gym, which is equipped with the latest equipment, as well as an indoor swimming pool and a boxing ring.

Shunji added that his building management teams are also doing their best to provide the residents of J Tower 2 Condominium with the best security and residential services so that they have a complete modern livelihood without unnecessary worry.

“Our mission to take care of our valued customers is endless, and we know the best business model is to make everyone happy,” Shunji added.

For Shunji, J Tower 2 Condominium is his company’s biggest achievement so far, crediting it to his hardworking staff, all Cambodians, and the customers who support him. Nevertheless, he has even bigger plans for the future.

“We want to become the biggest in residential construction in Cambodia,” he said. “Although we are not there yet, we are on our way.”

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