Jill Biden at West Palm Seashore with Most Cancer Initiative, Surfside Condominium

Jill Biden Celebrates Title IX’s 50th Anniversary

First Lady Jill Biden joined women’s professional tennis icon Billie Jean King and an All-American High School track athlete in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX on Wednesday. (June 22)


  • First Lady Jill Biden arrives at Palm Beach International Airport today for a two-day visit
  • Biden wants to visit women’s health center to promote ‘Cancer Moonshot’ initiative
  • The First Lady will attend a memorial ceremony at Surfside for the one-year anniversary of the condo collapse

Saying cancer doesn’t care about political partisanship, first lady Jill Biden praised the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative during a speech Thursday in West Palm Beach.

“It’s not a red or blue problem. It’s an American problem. This is a global issue,” the first lady said in a call for unity on an issue she says affects all Americans in one form or another. “It will take all of us to end cancer as we know it.”

The Cancer Moonshot’s goal is to reduce the number of annual deaths from the dreaded disease by 50% over the next 25 years, Biden told the rally. It is about providing equal access to diagnostics and treatments as well as funding innovative treatments and helping patients.

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“Cancer changes everyone it touches, and in some ways it touches all of us,” Biden said.

Then she added, “We have to fight this disease, not each other.”

The first lady’s arrival at Palm Beach International Airport marked the start of a two-day visit that will also include attending a memorial ceremony today at Surfside to mark the one-year anniversary of the collapse of a condominium complex.

But his visit had a decidedly partisan backdrop.

Just this week, her husband’s administration again fell out with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, this time over vaccinations for children ages 5 months to 5 years. And to underscore the deep political divisions in former President Donald Trump’s home county, dozens of his supporters lined the route of the first lady’s motorcade.

The first lady did not address the controversy during her FoundCare tour. The nonprofit said this week that it had received enough doses from Pfizer to immunize 100 children and expected another delivery of Moderna vaccines, which could cover another 100 children.

Biden flew to West Palm Beach with Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Andrea Palm as well as U.S. Representative Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach; U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson, D-Miami Gardens; and U.S. Representative Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, D-Delray Beach. They were greeted on the tarmac at the PBIA by West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James.

Jill Biden visited FoundCare facilities in West Palm Beach

The first lady then rode in motorcade to FoundCare, a center that provides health care and social services to individuals and families with support from the Promise Fund of Florida.

He Biden with Palm, met with leaders of the nonprofit organization as well as nurses and navigators, workers who help and support cancer patients through the ordeal of treatment and finances.

The Promise Fund was founded by Nancy Brinker, a women’s health advocate who, in 1982, started the nonprofit Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research and Advocacy. The organization is named after Brinker’s sister, who died of breast cancer two years previously at the age of 36.

Four years ago, Brinker, Julie Fisher Cummings and Laurie Silvers established The Promise Fund to address gaps in cancer detection and treatment for women, especially women of color. Brinker was present on the tour and later spoke at the Cancer Moonshot event at the West Palm Beach Hilton.

@FLOTUS arrived at Foundcare Palm Springs at 3:37 p.m. to greet the leaders of Foundcare and the Promise Fund of Florida. Protesters lined up outside Foundcare waving flags supporting Donald Trump.

— Stephany Matat (@stephanymatat) June 23, 2022

From there, Biden made her way to the Hilton, where she delivered her remarks on the administration’s cancer initiative. Palm said the Cancer Moonshot is an effort “to use every lever at our disposal to end cancer as we know it.”

Frankel said the day’s events were a way to highlight “collaboration.”

Underscoring the first lady’s message, Biden was introduced by Liliana Herrera, a navigator who helps cancer patients and survivors.

Herrera herself survived two bouts of cancer and told the dozens in attendance how her diagnosis was compounded by financial strain after she lost her health insurance coverage after her first bout with cancer.

In the end, she says, she ended up living in a warehouse, sleeping on a lawn chair and “wondering in the middle of the night” if she was going to survive.

Today, she said she was appalled to see the same financial hardship and inequality hitting cancer patients.

“The health care disparity still exists today,” she said.

Herrera then added: “We will help you. we will show you the way. We are fighting for the lives of women and they deserve to be here.

@FLOTUS left Foundcare Palm Springs at 4:01 p.m. and is en route to the Hilton West Palm Beach to deliver remarks regarding the initiative.

— Stephany Matat (@stephanymatat) June 23, 2022

@HHSGov Deputy Secretary Andrea Palm said, “We are heeding President Biden and the First Lady’s call to use every lever at our disposal to end cancer as we know it.

— Stephany Matat (@stephanymatat) June 23, 2022

Mom Kisner, the
The First Lady of the historic Tabernacle Baptist Church welcomes @FLOTUS, Ambassador Nancy Brinker and survivor Liliana Herrera onstage at 4:38 p.m.

— Stephany Matat (@stephanymatat) June 23, 2022

“It’s not a red or blue problem. It’s an American problem. It’s a global problem,” @FLOTUS said. “It will take all of us to end cancer as we know it.”

— Stephany Matat (@stephanymatat) June 23, 2022

His speech highlighted his goals of early detection of cancer patients and his goals of reducing deaths resulting from cancer.

— Stephany Matat (@stephanymatat) June 23, 2022

White House and DeSantis feud again over COVID vaccinations for children

The first lady’s visit followed a heated verbal volley between the Biden administration and DeSantis over orders for COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5 months to 5 years old.

Florida was the only U.S. state not to order vaccines for the youngest recipients, a move that left Sunshine State pediatricians and hospitals scrambling to get doses. The White House later said health care providers in Florida would be allowed to order vaccines directly from the federal government.

“We are encouraged that after Governor DeSantis’ repeated failures to order COVID-19 vaccines even after all other states have ordered, the State of Florida is now allowing health care providers to order vaccines COVID-19 for our youngest children,” the White House said. said press officer Karine Jean-Pierre in a press release. “We believe it is essential to allow parents around the world to have the choice to have their children vaccinated and to have a conversation with their pediatrician or health care provider.”

But on Monday, DeSantis doubled down.

“We’re not going to have programs where we’re trying to poke 6-month-old babies with mRNA,” DeSantis said at a press conference. “We still haven’t ordered it. We’re not going to order it.

This stance is at odds with public health authorities, including an expert panel that earlier this month unanimously concluded that Moderna’s vaccine was safe for children 6 months to 6 months old. year. But DeSantis aligned himself with vaccine skeptics, including his chosen state surgeon general, Joseph Ladapo.

Jill Biden was no stranger to Florida during the 2020 presidential campaign

Thursday’s visit to West Palm Beach was the first lady’s first since the campaign trail.

In September of that year, she accompanied then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on a tour of South Florida. In Boca Raton, Jill Biden drew an analogy between healing a “broken family” and uniting a nation as the headliner at a “Women for Biden” campaign event.

She also accompanied her husband on stops in the communities of Little Haiti and Little Havana in Miami-Dade County before he ran for a televised town hall at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami.

Prior to that, Jill Biden also held a series of conference calls with volunteers, students and supporters at Wesley Chapel near Tampa and Jacksonville as the pandemic curtailed in-person campaign event appearances.

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