Kelowna City Council approves two apartment-style developments – Kelowna News


Kelowna City Council wrapped up its four-year term on Monday, approving a pair of six-story apartment buildings that, when completed, will add about 250 units to the city’s inventory.

One is on the southeast corner of Gordon Drive and Lawrence Avenue, the other on Coronation Avenue, directly opposite a three-tower development recently turned down by council.

The Gordon Drive development, located in a transitional area between the city center and the urban areas of Capri, would be built on a site that currently houses a commercial building with office tenants and a child care centre.

The project would include 192 rental apartment and townhouse units as well as a ground floor daycare to replace the existing daycare.

“I would like to commend the staff for working with the candidate to achieve many goals with this application, especially with regards to daycare and rental only,” Coun said. Loyal Wooldridge.

Council approved the rezoning. Development permits and development exemptions have yet to be issued.

Receiving a leasehold zoning dedication means that the building would remain leased in perpetuity.

Council has unanimously approved a development permit for a six-story condominium complex comprising four lots in the 600 block of Coronation.

The single-family homes of the four properties will be demolished to make way for the apartment.

Planner Mark Tanner told council the condominium complex will feature 60 units for sale made up of 25 bachelor units, 20 one-bedroom units and 15 two-bedroom units.

A parking lot will accommodate 58 vehicles.

The building’s sleek design caught the eye of several councillors, including Charlie Hodge.

“We get a lot of apartment buildings and complexes, and a lot of times they’re pretty boring,” Hodge told the council.

“This one is far from it. It shows, in my mind, a real creative flair.

“I sure would love to see more green, but I like how the design of this building looks. I think it’s a very creative look.”

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