LETTER: City should invite manufacturers and apartment builders

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I’m a ‘Barrie’ person, but I’ve chosen Collingwood as my home. I moved here from Barrie in 1989.

I see that things here take a long time to get done here. The grain elevators, the new condos on Hurontario Street – what was it, 14 years?

We don’t want proposed signage costs to say, “You are in downtown Collingwood.

We need jobs here and affordable apartments here.

Why isn’t Collingwood doing what other towns have done to help the people of Collingwood? Reduce development costs, give developers a better cost for taxes, all to invite developers here.

The vacant lot in front of Shoppers Drug Mart, three years ago? Put a six-story apartment there, put one where the old car wash was, there’s a property on Hume Street, put another one there. The property on the High Street that has been sold, you could put four, five or six storey apartments there to give the residents a home. Do the same with the old Goodyear batch.

Invite manufacturing companies to build their factories there. Give them tax relief and development fees to invest in our city. It pays off in the long run.

The election is coming soon, get councilors to consider this new way of thinking.

Don Thompson
Collingwood, ON

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