Limerick Townhouse and Cafe is a plus!

A CAFE run by one of Limerick’s best-known business families has won the Tidy Towns award for the month of June.

The Bedford Townhouse and Cafe at 11-12 Bedford House in Bedford Row, was named the monthly winner of the award.

Run by Denise and Peter Brazil, Bedford House is also home to the estate agents of Limerick Travel, a staple in the city.

Maura O’Neill said if it weren’t for the suspension of the monthly Tidy Towns awards during the pandemic, the couple would have won the award much sooner.

‘We would most certainly have given this magnificent premises a boost before today, given the breath of fresh air it has brought to what is considered a unique segment of Limerick’s commercial heritage,’ she said.

The cafe and townhouse were part of an extensive renovation showcasing some of the original features of the building which dates back to 1830, while upgrading it with modern contemporary signage.

The property was once made up of two Georgian townhouses and has a rich industrial heritage, having housed Peter Tait, former mayor of Limerick on three occasions.

The first phase of the project, The Bedford Café, opened in July 2018 and was followed by the stylish 12-bedroom townhouse, which officially opened in November 2018.

The Bedford Townhouse and Café is Limerick City Tidy Towns’ fifth monthly award for 2022 and as a result will have the chance to win this year’s overall award at their annual event due to be held early in the new year.


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