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VIDEO: Living in an apartment? You Could Be Paying For This F-Rated Delivery Service And Not Even Knowing It

Residents of apartments and condos: check your lease! You may be paying up to $20 a month for a delivery service, whether you use it or not.

It’s called fetching. And now locals say the company is not only failing to deliver packages on time, but is also taking a bite out of their wallets.

Micki Hazen from Everett is tired of her packages arriving days late at her building.

And she doesn’t blame Amazon, UPS or FedEx, but rather Fetch.

“They lose things, they miss their windows, it’s just crazy,” Micki said. “Everything that could go wrong went wrong with Fetch. So bad, really so bad.

Residents have their packages sent to its facilities in Seattle or Kirkland. They’re given a code, and Fetch’s website promises customers to use their app to “schedule a convenient same-day or any-day delivery window.”

Micki says that’s just not the case.

“It sucks,” she said. “I spent hours and hours looking after Fetch.”

UPS delivered one of Micki’s packages to Fetch on Monday, July 18.

Check the app and it shows that the package wasn’t even put into the system until July 22.

“Fetch hadn’t logged in yet. They told me they were two days late in checking in packages,” Micki said.

“Since the last week of March when I moved in, I have never received anything on the same day, it was between two and eight days later,” Jason Eckard, a resident of Parkside Apartments told Redmond.

Jason says he’s far from the only person in the building going through this. And when it can’t be delivered the same day, he says Fetch overrides his Amazon Prime subscription.

“I’d like to get $10-15 back from them, just to know it’s a problem,” Jason said. “We know, ‘We don’t want you to think of us as shit money,’ but you kind of are.”

There’s a reason for companies like Fetch.

Parkside has 664 units receiving up to 118,000 packages each year. It’s a budget-friendly model that should meet the needs of any apartment manager.

“They don’t have the space to hold everyone’s packages and then sign them, they would have two or three people working non-stop for that,” Jason said.

But when I asked Parkside owners about Fetch’s performance, they sent a statement saying, “Fetch has not been a perfect solution and we are exploring others.”

“I just want to know what’s going on,” Jason said. “Why can’t it work?”

Fetch says it’s in 27 markets nationwide. However, it has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, for failing to respond to 15 complaints and having 133 filed against the company in total.

But there is more. Micki is concerned about her packages at the Fetch facility.

The company says, “We accept and securely store packages.”

In Seattle, they were delivered inside the facility.

However, in Kirkland, we saw many outside the building in the scorching heat.

Micki says she saw it herself and took her own pictures.

“I was just appalled,” she said. “I could have gone up and taken any package I wanted.”

In an email to customers, Fetch apologized for its recent performance saying, “We know there have been shipping delays, far too many rescheduled packages and slow customer support response times. . You deserve better from us.

The company says it’s making a series of changes – hiring new executives, adding team members, and partnering with a company to provide additional customer support agents.

However, it’s a little too late for Thrive Communities, the owners of Micki’s building.

In a statement to KIRO 7, the company said, “At this time, we have decided to terminate our contract with Fetch in limited locations where we have seen labor shortages impacting quality. service for our residents.”

“It’s just a mess that doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult,” Micki said. “But apparently it is.”

Fetch adds, “We apologize for any inconvenience residents have experienced and will make the necessary adjustments to correct these issues as soon as possible.”

The company has not responded to Micki and Jason’s claims. He also did not comment on the F rating he has with the BBB.

One more note – his apartment managers are forcing residents to pay for Fetch.

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