Luxury Tiverton townhouse sells for $1.45million

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A luxury townhouse in Tiverton with stunning views of Mount Hope Bay is the best-selling property on the South Coast this week, selling for almost a million and a half.

The property, 79 Waters Edge, is in the villages of Mount Hope Baya gated community for 55+ nearby the boathouse restaurant. According to the Villages website, the community includes tennis courts, a clubhouse, an in-ground pool, nature trails, a fitness center, and other luxury amenities.

Real estate broker Renaissance Real Estate said the townhouse was “meticulously maintained and was previously used as a model home,” featuring three master suites and four-and-a-half bathrooms with whirlpool tubs, double walk-in closets and balconies. The kitchen features an oversized breakfast bar and the family room includes a wet bar and exit to a private stone deck.

The townhouse has hardwood floors throughout and vaulted ceilings.

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“The sun simply pours into this home with oversized windows and walls of glass with floor-to-ceiling natural light,” the listing reads.

The property sold for $1.45 million. It last sold less than a year ago for $1.35 million and in 2005 for $957,000.

Here are all of the registered residential property transfers in the Grand Fall River for the week of August 15-19, according to The Warren Group.

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16 Beverly Street, for $290,000, from Marie C. Correia to T&A RT Inc.

22 E River Drive, for $650,000, from Michaels J. Deforge to Jared A. Silva.

16 Eisenhower Street, for $520,000, from Sharon K. Anthony to Michal Cabral.

12 Melnic Lane, for $655,000, from Gary K. Atkinson to Stephanie F. Silva.

1305 Reed Road, for $465,000, from Sally A. Belanger to Michael St Rock.

14 Russells Mills Road, for $460,000, from Alan P. Reis to Michael Downing.

245 Russells Mills Road, for $290,000, from Thomas Brooks to Dartmouth Town Of.

58 Saint John Street #8, for $435,000, from Cashley Hldg Dartmouth to Alexandra Levasseaur RET.

608 Slocum Road, for $579,000, from Randall F. Mello to David M. Littlefield.

89 Songbird Drive, for $750,000, from DP Juttelstad RET 2013 to Jon Mazur.

40 William Bradford Road, for $750,000, from Michaels A. Matias to Zahraa Hijazi.

autumn river

554 3rd Street, for $600,000, from Joao F. Soares to Divine Development LLC.

150 Baker Street, for $70,000, from Agostinho Ponte to Carlos P. Abadeampo-Verde.

275 Blackstone Street, for $549,000, from Manuel F. Medeiros to Jair Nicolio.

1030 County Street, for $580,000, from Christopher M. Coppinger to Nadege Cadet.

298 Division Street, for $460,000, from Blanca N. Anletta to Timothy Dalley.

869 Dwelly Street, for $439,000, from RGK RT to Joao Araujo.

239 Glasgow Street #8, for $210,000, from Nicholas P. Ozug to Jefferson Dasilva Gomes.

217 Harrison Street, for $510,000, from Joao Benevides to Christopher Mitchell.

294 June Street, for $500,000, from Demitra A. Wilder to Nicholas A. Cipriano.

621 King Philip Street, for $1,350,000, from Alan Garant at 621-631 King Philip Rlty.

309 Linden Street, for $525,000, from Cran Properties Inc to 309 Linden LLC.

325 Oak Grove Avenue, for $144,000, from Connie Raposo to Troy J. Camara.

Riggenbach Road, for $650,000, from Charles Scrap Metal Inc to East Branch Dock LLC.

1649 Rodman Street, for $310,000, from Alberto G. Javier to John R. Agular.

171 Snell Street, for $200,000, from Dorothy M. Borden to Marino A. Benevides.

1021 Spencer Street, for $225,000, from Ronald C. Leblanc to Ann M. Dupre.

483 Stafford Road, for $405,000, from Mario A. Medeiros to T&A RT.

103 Tucker Street, for $315,000, from John Moniz to Justin Gagné.

223 Weetamoe Street, for $320,000, from Justeen F. Ouellette to Luiz Ezequiel.


5 Fallbrook Lane, for $706,275, from Fallbrook LLC to Jeffrey Mercier.

54 Quanapoag Road, for $100,000, from CJC RT to Detera Development LLC.

4 Rebecca Road, for $500,000, from David Carvalho to Jacob W. Bosse.

New Bedford

888 Ashley Boulevard, for $300,000, from Zi Q. Zhang to Jun C. Zhang.

46 Bonney Street, for $315,000, from Andrew S. Ferreira to Wendy M. Lajoie.

147 Cedar Street, for $350,000, from Joshua M. Romao to Cynthia N. Felisberto.

662 County Street, for $520,000, from Joy P. Rose to Ruth M. Alvarez.

21-23 Ellen Street, for $430,000, from Paul M. Demello to Katherine Spatola.

195-197 Eugenia Street, for $500,000, from George A. Torres to Marcel Viera.

123 Hathaway Street, for $515,000, from Elizabeth Solue to Rosario C. Pacheco.

293 Hawthorn Street, for $620,000, from Marc W. Desroches to Andy L. Coakley.

976 Homestead Street, for $200,000, from Joan H. Cyr to Erin N. Cyr-Pereira.

57 Lafayette Street, for $123,165, from Orlando Rivera to Bank New York Mellon Tr.

164 North Street, for $288,700, from K&J Fix&Flip LLC to Angel G. Reyes-Jimenez.

106 Potomska Street, for $320,000, from Cunha Mabilia G Est to Monica Andrade.

120 Rotch Street, for $175,000, from Patricia C. Maranhas to Keeley R. Maranhas.

59 Sherman Street, for $360,000, from Benedict Porperties LLC to Richard A. Gordon.

23 Tallman Street, for $1,450,000, from Tallman Apartments LLC to Dav Properties LLC.

1056 Victoria Street #B17, for $349,000, from Donald P. Boudreau to Elizabeth Soule.

27 Vine Street, for $270,000, from Elsa Maldonado to Andrew Charpentier.


28 Buckner Court, for $328,000, from Christopher Batten to Arthur J. Costa.

474 Kaufman Road, for $436,000, from Adam D. Morris to Allison J. Starring.

5 Roland Avenue, for $390,000, from Noah Nowak to Natalle M. Alves.


Brentwood Court #4, for $112,000, from John Valhes to Candido Pereira.

71 Clancy Street, for $315,000, from Cruz Alexader Realty Inc to Owen Klernan.

9 Houlton Street, for $479,900, from Donald G. Head to Rodrigo Camarao.

33 Macomber Avenue, for $200,000, from Donna L. Lewis to Thornston Capital LLC.

166 Oak Street, for $633,422, from Martelly Buliding&Design to Jared Sousa.


1423 Crandall Road, for $260,000, from Sylvia L. Hayden to Holly Hill Farm LLC.

62 E Demello Drive, for $726,000, from Ashley A. Brown to Stephen M. Coco.

245 Highland Road, for $500,000, from Sean T. Travers to Acrobatico Invs Inc.

62 Jefferson Street, for $374,900, from Tyler Carroll to Andrew Trudeau.

105 Nanaquaket Road, for $785,000, from Matthew R. Desrosiers to Susan Donoghue.

917 Stafford Road, for $459,000, from Kenneth W. Freeborn to Ronald L. Smith.

79 Waters Edge #79, for $1,450,000, from John Palmer to Nancy M Vignola RET.


56 Bentley Lane, for $735,000, from Anderson Development LLC to Robin C. Arruda.

351 Fisher Road, for $423,505, from DBLA LLC to Fabio Silva.

131 Pettey Lane, for $625,000, from Randy S. Mayall to Amy S. Grutzner.

River Road, for $495,000, from John W. Wyatt to James F. Lynch.

868 Sanford Road, for $290,000, from W&Nancy A Guay IRT to David Borges.

Westport Lakes Drive #20, for $175,000, from Coastal Harvest LLC to Maria L. Moniz.

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