New apartment boosts permit numbers in North Battleford

North Battleford sees seven building permits issued in June worth more than $9.5million

NORTH BATTLEFORD – The number of building permits increased in North Battleford in June.

According to June building permit statistics presented to council at its Monday meeting at the Don Ross Center, seven permits were issued that month for $9,519,400, compared to six permits issued for $207,000 for the same month. in 2021.

Director of Corporate Services, Jennifer Niesink, mentioned a permit obtained for the construction of apartments in Fairview Heights, worth $8 million.

This was widely seen as good news, as it was noted at the meeting that there had been no new apartment building projects for a number of years, possibly since the early 1990s. More recently, there have been a number of new condo constructions.

Councilor Greg Lightfoot was pleased with the development. “I’m glad to see this apartment going up. It’s going to fill a void, it’s really good.”

A $1,295,400 industrial new build, for the second phase of the new Co-op fertilizer storage facility, was also behind the positive June numbers.

The other five permits issued in June included a new garage, an industrial modification, a demolition/removal and two sign permits. Together, these totaled $224,000.

Overall, building permits for 2022 stand at 54 permits for $20,470,300 through June, compared to 51 permits for $9,520,600 for the same period in 2021.

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