Own a Bentley Mulsanne when you live in Africa’s most luxurious condominium – LeonardoBySujimoto

The BentleyMulsanne is a full size luxury car which was manufactured by Bentley and it comes with a 6.75L twin-turbo Rolls-Royce engine, the perfect definition of efficiency on wheels.

Leonardo Waterfront Development is inspired by the exceptional works and genius of one of the world’s most intelligent minds of the 16th century – Leonardo DeVinci. This extravagant 25-story high-rise building is packed with world-class features and exceptional facilities.

A high rise waterfront development with many FIRSTS! 1st building in Nigeria with 48 charging stations for electric vehicles; 1st building with a Virtual Indoor Golf bar; 1st Building with a standard IMAX cinema; 1st building with 38 private pools and many other premieres! When completed, this elite development on Banana Island will be the perfect address to experience a true life of luxury and an exclusive lifestyle.

Speaking about the Leonardo Waterfront project, the Managing Director of the Sujimoto Group, Mr. Sijibomi Ogundele reiterated his desire to create something absolutely awesome and totally unique.

According to him: “The idea is not just to do something that has never been done before, but to create an exceptional customer service experience that always puts resident satisfaction first.

“The Leonardo Tower is more than a building, it is a commitment to service excellence and extraordinary comfort for our prestigious clients. We bring over 15 years of experience creating luxurious edifices to the construction of Africa’s most sophisticated waterfront tower! “

Sujimoto is not only on the verge of breaking the record for free personalized chauffeur service in Africa with Project Leonardo, but the innovative luxury developer has already challenged the height on Banana Island, owning the record for the tallest residential building in the world. Banana Island with its latest project – the Lucrezia Bysujimoto.

The 14-story LucreziaBySujimoto project, slated for completion in March 2022, is taller than Ocean Parade, Airtel Tower, Lake View Tower and other skyscrapers in Africa’s most prestigious neighborhood – Banana Island, with one more floor to go!

With a glass-reinforced concrete facade that overlooks panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the entirety of Ikoyi, residents of Lucrezia will enjoy amenities ranging from a golf garden and private cinema to butlers and personal chefs.

According to Mr. Ogundele, “From the foundation to the chandelier, from the hall to the kitchen and from the entrance to the exit, we believe that true luxury should be embodied in every facet of the home, and that is why we have made sure that all Lucrezia Tower amenities and amenities will set the standard for other luxuries. properties in Africa.

This is why the Lucrezia comes with top of the line Kholer and Bosch kitchen appliances, crisp Calacatta marble kitchen tops, an incredible semi-Olympic sized swimming pool, a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system, a Amazing Imax cinema for residents, State of the -Art Interactive Lobby, Indoor Virtual Golf bar where you can play at over 2,500 golf courses around the world, Oikos Italian Premium Door, Fully equipped Techno Gym, Nursery for breathtaking residents and other facilities.

“The idea for us is simple, we want to create a mini 5 star Dubai experience in the center of Banana Island, at an affordable price.”

It is not news that the level of luxury in real estate has improved dramatically since Sujimoto Construction moved in and took the luxury real estate market by storm, living up to its promise to redefine the level of luxury. luxury in the real estate sector.

With magnificent buildings like The Medici in Ikoyi, GiulianoBySujimoto, Lucrezia and Leonardo Tower in Banana Island, the Sujimoto headquarters, Sujimoto Plaza in Ikoyi and Abuja, and the much anticipated Sujimoto Dubai Tower which will begin in 2022, there is no doubt that the Sujimoto has started a luxury revolution in Africa which is finally spreading to other parts of the continent, changing the narrative of luxury living.

Sijibomi Ogundele is the Managing Director and CEO of Sujimoto Group, the leading luxury real estate company in Nigeria.

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