Pico Rivera approves development of 45 condominium units

Front and back view of townhouses.

August 14, 2022

By Brian Hews

Pico Rivera City Council at its August 9 meeting approved the construction of a 45-unit, 2.5-acre townhouse condominium development by Warmington Residential located at 4820 Durfee Avenue in Pico Rivera.

The Costa Mesa-based Warmington Residential traces its roots to 1926, when Warmington’s first company built custom residences for movie stars and some of the world’s most famous personalities.

Warmington homes offer state-of-the-art amenities that save energy and money and are approximately 30% more efficient than typical resale homes.

The project will include fifteen three-unit, three-story, two- and three-bedroom townhouses ranging in size from 1,525 to 1,776 square feet.

The development includes 90 vehicle parking spaces in enclosed two-car attached garages, seven guest parking spaces and over 21,000 square feet of open space.

Rendering showing border streets with Stephens St. below and Durfee Ave. on the left.

Drought-tolerant landscaping will be planted throughout the project and along the site perimeter to provide nearly 4,000 square feet of ground floor open space.

City of Pico Rivera and Warmington staff conducted community outreach efforts on March 30 and April 27 to get feedback from area residents.

The city distributed a community notice within 1,000 feet of the project and held an in-person open house. Approximately 15-20 residents attended, with most concerns related to the amount of parking and traffic the project would generate and where additional guest parking would be located.

For April, the city sent out a second community notice — in English and Spanish — and hosted an in-person open house. Fewer than five residents attended, and there were no further comments or objections to the development.

A traffic analysis has been prepared based on the Pico Rivera Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) guidelines established in 2020. TIA refers to the general study of the extent to which proposed traffic usage developments land – and the traffic they are expected to generate – will affect adjacent areas or the surrounding transport system.

The study found that “level of service,” which is a TIA metric used to assess the impacts of a development, met city guidelines; the City’s Traffic Advisor has reviewed and approved the analysis.

Pico Rivera City Manager Steve Carmona told HMG-CN, “This project is an example of our City Council prioritizing our corridor revitalization program for the city. It is one of the few corridors that will see a great deal of planning and investment to ensure the economic viability of the city and meet the housing needs of today and tomorrow.

“The 45-unit townhouse project proposed by Warmington Residential helps meet the critical need for housing for working-class residents, including teachers, first responders and office workers who do not qualify for subsidies but would like to live in a nice neighborhood closer to where they work,” Dr. Monica Sanchez, mayor of Pico Rivera, told HMG-CN. “The fact that it is located on a site once used for industrial businesses and stalls to help revitalize the local neighborhood is a big plus. Also, we haven’t received any negative comments or objections from the community.

The view from Durfee Avenue.

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