St. John’s council approves apartment building for Southlands

ST. JOHN’S, NL — The Southlands neighborhood of St. John’s will soon have its first apartment building.

St. John’s City Council has approved an application from Fairview Investments Ltd. at its last public meeting to allow the company to construct a six-unit apartment building on Cedar Hill Place.

Com. Jamie Korab, who submitted the application on behalf of the development committee, said approval for the building was originally granted in 2018 but had since expired and had to be renewed.

The council received a submission from a resident concerned about the proposal, who cited potential issues such as increased traffic, reduction in the value of nearby homes and concerns about the impact that parking reportedly about the “small accommodation feeling” in the neighborhood. The resident also expressed concerns about the arrival of tenants in the neighborhood.

“When I bought my house, I was told that the land in question was to be used for a four-unit condo building. It was mentioned that the plan was to make them smaller and to keep the structure in the same style as the houses presently there in order to maintain the residential character of the dwellings. A condo would be owned by a person or a family and therefore they would take pride in the ownership. An apartment building will have tenants and I think the pride in keeping the community clean will be lost.

The quote stated that the resident would not have purchased the house if he had known that an apartment building would be built nearby.

Korab noted at the meeting that while development regulations for the use and number of zone control units in a building, they do not regulate the ownership model.

He also said the building would have no parking lot, but rather individual driveways for each resident.

The motion to approve the application passed unanimously.

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