Tenants return home to find a stranger living in their Vancouver apartment


Although it may sound like something out of a comedy sketch, a stranger allegedly broke into a residential apartment in downtown Vancouver and pretended to be the tenant.

The incident happened on October 11.

Residents of the Electric Avenue Condominium received a security notice that an unauthorized person had gained access to an unlocked residential unit.

The building in question is located near the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

The building’s strata notice said the individual was ‘not known to residents, had gained access to an unlocked living unit and was occupying that unit in the absence of the occupants’.

He also reminded residents to keep doors locked, never let strangers into the building, and to make sure entrance doors and access points are securely closed behind them.

Daily Hive has contacted the VPD for further information on the incident.

One wild detail the VPD revealed is that the stranger was wearing one of the Tenant’s clothes while pretending to be the Tenant.

“We believe the suspect, 32, entered the apartment while the legitimate tenants were away, began living there and assumed the identity of the woman who lived there.”

The suspect was arrested for breaking and entering.

Remember, kids, keep your doors locked, even if you live in an apartment building.

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