The Chic Home: Light, Bright and Airy Apartment for a Family of Four

SINGAPORE — Despite being over 50 years old, the 1,800-square-foot, three-room condominium at Cavenagh Court was in good condition.

However, the design being dated, significant changes had to meet the needs of Mr. Terry Ong, his wife Eugenia Tan and their two young children, who wanted a home where they could spend time together as a family.

Mr Ong, 34, a business manager and avid cook who wanted a kitchen island, says: “No matter how much we work separately, we are still a team. Also, with young children, safety is always paramount. .”

Ms Tan, 36, a speech therapist, adds: “We also wanted a walk-in closet.”

The floor plan – the work of Liew Kok Fong, architect and lead designer at Singapore-based design firm Studio Super Safari – centered around the family’s needs, lifestyle and preferences.

Removing the old kitchen walls turned it into an open plan space. Pocket-sized sliding glass panels keep cooking fumes and grease in the kitchen – and the kids out – when Mr. Ong cooks. The wall separating the kitchen and the courtyard was also demolished. This space is now part of the kitchen.

“The combination of the two maximizes space and gives Mr. Ong the kitchen island he wanted,” says Mr. Liew.

The living room and dining room balcony is now a dining area with a custom made dining table and banquette style seating. It is one of the family’s favorite places.

Ms. Tan says, “There is so much natural light. We spend a lot of time eating, playing and working here.

This freed up more space for the living room, where the couple worked with home furnishings brand Aratamete to customize rugs and throws to their preferred color palette. Upholstery fabrics stand out against a neutral, soft-colored gray background.

By reconfiguring the existing bedrooms and hallways, there was enough space in the master bedroom to accommodate a dressing room consisting of two rows that run along the old hallway leading to the bedrooms.

The two remaining bedrooms were previously accessible separately from the hallway. There is now a connecting bedroom for the children and a playroom which opens onto the living room. As the built-in furniture is placed along the periphery, there is plenty of space for children to play. Then, when they require separate bedrooms, the playroom can become a bedroom.

The family moved into their new home in November 2020 after a 4.5-month renovation costing around $200,000, including furniture.

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