The Chic Home: Stylish East Coast Apartment Filled With Antique Furniture

SINGAPORE — Married couple Kirti Hariharan and Juthika Choksi Hariharan, both trained lawyers in their 40s, left Hong Kong for Singapore in 2011.

The two lived with their 14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter in a rented condo in the East Coast area until 2020. When a 2,412-square-foot four-bedroom unit in the same development was put up for sale, the couple made an offer.

“We always knew we wanted a four-bedroom unit because our kids are growing up and we have parents who visit us all the time,” says Ms. Hariharan, who works in corporate technology.

Her husband, who works at a private equity firm, adds: “Each bedroom has its own bathroom.”

The family moved into the home in April last year (2021) after a $195,000 renovation.

The couple’s brief for interior design firm Parenthesis Studio included a light palette, a place for an altar and a place to house Mr. Hariharan’s wine collection.

There was also existing artwork and furniture to consider. Each work of art has a story and is precious to the family. “It’s collected, not organized. It’s only for personal enjoyment, not for investment,” says Mr. Hariharan.

Entering the house feels like entering a luxurious hotel suite. There’s an art-filled foyer, a wide hallway, plenty of marble surfaces, and clean lines with no clutter in sight.

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