The Chic Home: Zen condominium unit is a cat-proof area


SINGAPORE — In the process of finding their home, Eugene and Joslyn looked at 41 residential units for sale.

The couple, who are both in their 30s and declined to reveal their full names, eventually purchased a condominium unit in District 28. At 1,270 square feet, it is 200 square feet larger than their former Housing Board apartment to order.

Eugene chose the new home after considering depreciation and property value. He owns a construction company, while his wife works in marketing.

Many surfaces in Eugene’s previous homes were white with marble streaks, so he wanted all dark finishes in his new home. Senior designer Rei Ye of interior design company Arkhilite helped make this vision a reality.

In their brief, the couple also requested an altar, dressing room, and cat-friendly features for their three Siberian tomcats: Luka, Loki, and Benny.

The three plus one unit’s floor plan was reworked with input from the couple’s fengshui master. The three-month renovation cost $120,000 and the couple moved into the house in February 2021.

In the original layout, the foyer opened directly onto the courtyard. This opening was closed to make way for an altar. While the former office and its adjoining bathroom are now, among other things, a storage room for Eugene’s toy collection, the kitchen entrance has been repositioned for the flow.

The entrance to the master bedroom has been shifted forward, encompassing the common bedroom in the master suite. This common room has been transformed into a dressing room for the master suite. The original wardrobe area has been incorporated into the main bathroom, which has done away with the overhead cabinets in favor of his and hers sinks.

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