The Essential Checklist: Finding the Condominium That’s Right for You

Looking for a new home is no small feat. It must correspond to your lifestyle, your personality and your expectations. Say, for example, someone with multiple goals, aspirations and ambitions. What he needs is not just a space where he can rest, but a place that can stimulate inspiration and productivity. So here’s a guide you can follow to make sure you find the perfect condominium that will give you more pleasure.

1. Choose a place where you can get more opportunities.

Before buying a new home, check the map and consider all nearby places and neighborhoods. Is it close to markets or grocery stores? Does it give you easy access to your home-to-work commute? Will you be able to easily visit other offices, banks or malls?

Aside from the convenience and desirability that the surroundings of your new condominium provide, its location is also critical as it will dictate the value of your property. If you decide one day to rent it or sell it, your return on investment of a condominium located in a sought-after location will be more profitable.

2. Choose a property that has a variety of amenities (especially the must-haves)

A great condominium of your choice should offer amenities that allow you to recharge and relax without renting, spending more, or going to remote areas. A driven and passionate person like you deserves to have all of your leisure and entertainment spaces right outside your unit.

Your new condominium home should feel like you’re staying in a 5-star hotel, with a pool you can use anytime you want and a gym you don’t need to pay a subscription for. With the right amenities, life can turn into one great living! You should also check out condominiums that include features like function rooms you can use for family gatherings or parties, or even indoor bars and outdoor lounges so you can have a relaxing evening without driving.

A home is a big investment and you need to make sure you get more than your money’s worth in a condominium which should offer you more than the bare necessities.

3. Choose a housing unit that gives you the freedom to show off your personality while meeting your needs.

You want a well-designed unit with spaces where you can move freely, decorate to your taste, and make it your own home. The right condominium will give you versatility in space and space to keep growing in inspiration and productivity.

Opt for a unit with strategic partitions but which leaves an open plan layout for the dining room and the kitchen in order to arrange your space according to your personality.

It would be better to consider those with large windows so that the space feels less cramped. You will also benefit from plenty of natural lighting and ventilation.

Check to see if the unit comes with extras like a utility area to give you more functionality or a walk-in unit for extra personal space.

Most importantly, keep in mind that before you buy your new home, you need to make sure it’s in a place that can give you privacy. When working from home, you want peace in your daily tasks, so a unit with low density floors will be the best choice.

4. Choose a home you feel safe in.

Your top priority when choosing your new home should be safety and security. Does the condo have roving guards 24/7? Is there always someone watching the doors and the outside surroundings? Are there emergency centers? Is there a system to prevent strangers from entering your building? These are the kinds of questions you will need to ask yourself when you take your first big step towards moving.

You should always feel protected in your condominium complex, whether you are in your unit or when enjoying the amenities. When you are raising a family or have pets living with you, you would want to leave your home without worrying about their safety.

5. Discover METROTOWN.

When it comes to the right condo, Metrotowne checks everything on this list. This 2.1 hectare mid-rise residential development property is built for motivated and passionate individuals to ensure their goals are achieved. Developed by PHINMA Properties, their three decades of building quality Filipino homes has led them to this planned community that offers its residents all of the essentials mentioned above, the must-haves, and MORE!

PHINMA Metrotowne Las Pinas

Location? Check! Located in the heart of Las Piñas, surrounded by other major towns like Paranaque and Muntinlupa, Metrotowne is full of opportunities. Strategically centered around interstates, highways, business districts and shopping districts, you’ll find accessible mobility when you make Metrotowne your new home.

Your investment here will also reap many amenity benefits, as living in this modern and contemporary community will give you access to more than basic indoor and outdoor amenities. All the essentials, leisure and entertainment are just outside your future home. There is no need to rent a complex as Metrotowne includes beautiful gardens, parks, swimming pools, a games room and a media room. There is also no need to visit sports clubs as you can walk into a gym, fitness center or basketball court all within the community at any time. It also has a reception hall and an outdoor lounge where you can organize parties and celebrations.

There are two types of units to choose from here at Metrotowne. If you are a single go-getter, the 22.92 m² studio is right for you because it gives you the opportunity to design it according to your personality. The studio is ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind. It also comes with bonus features such as a service area which is not present in other studio units. If you need more space for you and your growing family, the 48.53 sqm two-bedroom unit will give you precisely what you need. This comes with an extra bedroom and walk-in closet for more compact compartments which are perfect for raising a family full of enthusiasts.

Here, you’ll never have to worry about the safety and security of your home and family thanks to Metrotowne’s gated community, top-notch 24/7 security, access RFID at the door and in each building, as well as in nearby CCTVs. The administration is also ready for your emergencies with a command center in each building.

At Metrotowne, you can stay focused on your goals and your desire to get the most out of life without worrying about comfort and peace of mind, because we’ll do it for you. If you are looking for a house to stay driven, this is the right address. This is the place for you.

Learn more by visiting the Metrotowne website at, or you can contact us below:

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