The Pros and Cons of Living in a Condo or Gated Building in Los Angeles


A gated community is a set of homes that are exclusively accessible to residents and their guests. Privacy and increased security are probably some of the most obvious benefits of living in such a complex, but the realities of living in a gated community have many more pros and cons to consider.

Before deciding for the first time to invest, buy or rent in a gated community in Los Angeles, it is essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such a lifestyle. Here are some of the main considerations to take into account.

Advantage: More security

Although there is no guarantee that the incidence of crime will be reduced when residing in a gated community, the vast majority have enhanced security systems and procedures which generally make them safer.

For starters, most communities offer gate access systems, often accompanied by security personnel or an integrated cloud-based system that allows 24/7 remote monitoring for added security. Such systems not only facilitate much faster responses to security breaches, but also act as a deterrent when it comes to something criminal happening in the first place. They are also the kind of create safety trends that improve real estate values.

Disadvantage: more difficult for visitors to enter

Gated communities tend to make it a little more difficult for guests to enter, which may seem like a plus to some! Nevertheless, for many it can be a bit frustrating to have to plan and manage the arrival of a visitor. It can also complicate holding a gathering, as it may require you to plan ahead with management and possibly distribute passes to visitors in advance – a good idea as long as everyone remembers to bring them, which they rarely do. .

Deliveries can also be a little more difficult to receive, and this can be the case with small items or takeout, to large items requiring a lot more planning and coordination. Everything can be managed, it might be a little more difficult to manage than in a single family home.

Advantage: Increased privacy

Enhanced security measures and exclusive access inevitably lead to a sense of increased privacy enjoyed by many residents of the gated community. No more unsolicited visitors, no random knocks on your door – it’s heaven for some.

Disadvantage: reduced confidentiality

While the gated community lifestyle provides a sense of increased privacy and security for some, others feel that the heightened protective nature of these complexes may diminish their sense of intimacy. Security personnel and CCTV systems can give the impression that they are being watched in ways they are not used to. Having to consult with management for certain visitor approvals can add to this feeling. This isn’t a problem for many happy residents of the gated community, but it’s worth considering what you personally think.

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Advantage: less traffic

Gated compounds virtually guarantee that no one will roam your streets – the roads in your community will likely be quiet at all times.

Advantage: Amenities

One of the obvious benefits of many gated communities is the included amenities. Not all have many extras, but many do and often include gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, clubs, landscaped gardens and more.

Disadvantage: HOA restrictions

When it comes to property maintenance, upgrades, etc., living in a gated community means giving up many of the freedoms people enjoy when living in a single family home.

When you live in a gated community, you will have to follow the rules set by the HOA (HomeOwners Association) and some of them can be quite strict. Guidelines for parking, property appearance, lawn care and more must be followed to avoid significant penalties. You probably won’t be able to choose what color to paint your house, or if you can install solar panels, for example. It is essential to check the HOA rules before signing the dotted line on a gated community property.

For: Sense of community

People living in gated communities often enjoy a wonderful sense of community spirit, as well as a variety of events that bring residents together.

Disadvantage: more expensive

With tight security features, a host of well-maintained amenities, and more, it’s no surprise that living in a gated community can be more expensive. Remember that while these benefits are great, they come at a price. Always check the HOA fees before committing.

Final Thoughts

Gated communities can offer a fantastic way to live in Los Angeles, with added privacy and security, access to nice amenities and more, but it’s not for everyone. Many love it as much as they expected, while some find out too late that there are certain aspects they didn’t expect and feel uncomfortable with.

Take the time to determine if this lifestyle is right for you before jumping in, and always find out about the particular resort’s HOA rules and fees first.

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