Two-bedroom basement apartment in Toronto for a crazy month’s rent of $5,000


The quality and price of some rental listings in Toronto show just how brutal the market is for renters right now, whether it’s an enclosed portion of a common space, a literal bed in the middle of a living room or some other type of horror being offered as an apartment.

While one can still share a room with several strangers or get space on a bunk bed for a reasonable price, some landlords are now renting out very basic living situations (read: those where you actually have your own private space ) for exorbitant prices. .

The last is a two-bedroom basement apartment that costs just under $5,000, though there’s absolutely nothing special about it.

The price of the apartment is extremely high for a basement, especially outside the city center.

The listing is located in a residential area of ​​North York near Leslie Street and York Mills Road – so it’s not central at all – and is, as mentioned, in a basement.

Aside from the sliding glass doors on a few steps that serve as an entrance and a window in the living room, the space seems to lack a lot of natural light, although none of the bedrooms are shown and only one bathroom bathroom, kitchen and living room are represented.

toronto rent

The bathroom.

The space is clean, quite large at over 1000 square feet, and appears to be recently renovated quite well appointed, but again, it’s very average in every way – and is on the lower level – begs the question of why it’s ok for $4,800 a month plus some utilities, like hydro and water.

There are three bathrooms, however, which means this unit would work well (and be much more reasonably priced) for two couples, or a couple and an additional roommate.

Still, for a basement in this location, the price is pretty crazy, and netizens seem to agree.

toronto rent

The place is nice enough, but doesn’t seem to justify the price of $4,800 per month.

Even that pales in comparison to another new listing that asked for $8,000 a month for a one-bedroom condo in College and Bay, though — and given the ever-increasing demand for apartments and rental prices, it there’s only bound to be more like it to come to market.

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