West Hartford Developers Launch Massive Condo/Apartment Plan


WEST HARTFORD, CT – A group of real estate developers is looking to turn an abandoned office building and parking lot into upscale downtown condominiums and apartments.

The development group, called ‘The Arapahoe Group’, said this week that it plans to apply to the city of West Hartford and begin construction on the project in the fourth quarter of this year, which is October, November and December. .

According to the developers, the project would take about two years to complete once the ground is broken.

The condo/apartment project is called “75 LaSalle and Center Park Place” and it would be located at LaSalle Road and Arapahoe Road.

According to a fact sheet provided by the developers through Becca Brockway, vice president of the West Hartford-based McDowell Communications Group, which works with the developers, the first stages of approval will begin with the West Hartford City Council. .

From there, the plan is expected to navigate between the city’s land use departments and the West Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission, with the goal of breaking new ground between fall and early winter. .

Several public hearings will likely take place with the council and PZC.

According to information provided by Brockway, the development is expected to have a positive impact on the local community.

“An independent study of the economic impact of the project is currently underway,” reads a question and answer document published by Arapahoe.

“The project will have extraordinary and significant economic benefit to existing merchants and businesses in the center as well as a substantial positive impact on the city’s tax base, which helps every ratepayer in West Hartford.

According to Arapahoe, the proposal will include:

• 64 condominiums built at Center Park Place.

• 18 to 20 apartments built at 75 LaSalle Road.

• 75 LaSalle is a total of four floors with three levels of apartments above a ground floor level
retail space of approximately 3,500 square feet.

• Center Park Place, set back from the street, would consist of four levels of condominiums above three levels of parking, two of which are underground.

• The condominiums will offer a swimming pool, a private space on the roof, green spaces and a fitness room.

• Two of the three commercial buildings on the current site will be demolished. The third, 10 Arapahoe Road, will remain a commercial building.

• A new fully landscaped public park will be located at the west end of the property, adjoining the residential area. The area will be landscaped, lit and will provide seating for the public.

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