Will Puri Jagan leave his apartment in Mumbai?

With the box office failure of “Liger” in Bollywood, the puri jagan brand suffered greatly. The filmmaker was to deliver nothing less than a blockbuster with this film by Vijay Devarkonda. It’s already widely rumored that Jana Gana Mana has been postponed, and several Liger-linked distributors are preparing to meet with the director to make amends for their losses.

According to recent reports, Puri Jagan intends to evacuate the Mumbai apartment he has rented first. He pays nearly $10,000 in rent for the 4 BHK beachfront condo he resides in every month, plus a few extra lakhs for maintenance. The manager’s intentions to move to Mumbai have reportedly been diverted and he is said to be considering leaving the flat immediately to reduce his rent obligation.

Even though Liger has already made the filmmaker a ton of money through satellite and PLATFORM wallet’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW”>digital rights, he always wants to visit hyderabad for a bit and relax in his famous “Cave” in Jubilee Hills. And in this case, he could focus on the movie he wants to do right now with his son Akash Puri. The director is desperate to prove himself and he wants to bounce back hard.

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