Woman falls from 10th floor Marine Parade apartment and dies, was likely sleepwalking

Woman dies after falling from Marine Parade apartment, she could have been a sleepwalker

Sleepwalking is generally a harmless disorder. However, in more unfortunate circumstances, it could potentially endanger the life of someone doing it.

On June 7, 2021, Mrs. Ruth Dalumpines Dulfo, 38, was found motionless at the base of the Laguna Park Condominium at Marine Parade. It is believed she had fallen from the window of her 10th floor apartment while sleepwalking.

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The first day of the coroner’s inquest into his death was held on May 12. Three witnesses testified – a police inspector, the victim’s roommate and a neurologist.

Coroner Sharmila Sripathy-Shanaz will review the evidence in more detail and release her findings at a later date.

Fell from a bathroom window on the 10th floor

According to NewsAsia Channel (NAC)the location of a toilet window in the apartment aligned with where Ms. Dulfo’s body was found.

One of his housemates told police the window, which was about 67cm wide and 50cm high, was usually closed. However, it was apparently open when police searched the apartment.

Also, some toiletries, including a spilled shampoo bottle, were out of place. Ms. Dulfo’s DNA was also found on the window.

Investigator Gilbert Chow noted that it was possible for Ms Dulfo, who was 1.45m tall and weighed 48kg, to fit through the window.

She could also have climbed onto a metal shower faucet, which could have supported her weight, and jumped out the open window.

However, as there was no CCTV footage or witnesses, there is no way to confirm how she fell.

Transferred an entire month’s salary to his family before his death

Police were unable to find a suicide note or any other explanation for her death in Ms Dulfo’s diary.

One possible concern is that she was supposed to pay a co-payment of S$540 for the down payment on a house for her family in the Philippines.

Ms Dulfo, who arrived in Singapore 13 years ago and worked in a cafe in East Coast Park, usually sent part of her salary home each month. However, she reportedly had an entire month’s salary transferred to her family some time before her death.

She also texted her mother asking if she was okay at 2.50am before the fatal incident.

The police will review his remittance history with his family.

Judge Sripathy-Shanaz also asked the police to continue trying to decipher Ms Dulfo’s phone and tablet for more information.

The woman had a history of sleepwalking

According to Lianhe ZaobaoMrs. Dulfo’s sister informed the police that she had a history of sleepwalking.

One of his roommates also testified to his sleepwalking habit.

In 2021, the housemate reportedly saw Ms Dulfo walking out of a storage area one morning, looking like she had just woken up.

When asked if she knew how she got there, Ms Dulfo admitted she didn’t. The two just laughed it off.

In neurologist Dr Pavanni Ratnagopal’s expert report, she concluded that Ms Dulfo was sleepwalking during the incident. Dr. Ratnagopal, however, based this on the assumption that Mrs. Dulfo was sleeping at the time.

Ms Dulfo’s housemates said she had been drinking at a gathering in the flat the night before she fell. However, she was reportedly sober at the time of her death. Tests revealed a high but non-lethal concentration of alcohol in his blood after his death.

Since her housemates all went to bed before her, no one knows if Ms. Dulfo actually fell asleep that night.

Dr. Ratnagopal noted that reports on the effects of alcohol on sleepwalking had varying conclusions. She also said it was possible for someone to climb through windows while sleepwalking.

Too early to draw conclusions

Regardless of what caused Mrs. Dulfo to fall out of the window, the fact remains that it is a horrific tragedy.

Hopefully further investigations will shed more light on the details of this incident to bring closure to his loved ones.

MS News send our deepest condolences to his family and may Mrs. Dulfo rest in peace.

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